How to Add the Facebook Social Plugins to Your WordPress Website or Blog

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How to Add the Facebook Social Plugins to Your WordPress Website or Blog

Facebook, with its 800+ million users, can be a fantastic source of traffic for your website that could then become new readers, new fans, and even new customers.  In order to attract them, you need the right tools to let people know all about the great content on your website.  Even more importantly, you need to leverage the power of “social influence” by showing your visitors what their friends and network have read, interacted with, and “liked” on your website. This will then encourage them to read, “like,” and share your content even further within their own networks, gaining you more traffic.

What Is It?

Facebook Social Plugins make up a set of tools designed to be installed into your website that create a “bridge” between your website and the social network.

These tools provide the ability to:

  • easily share content from your website to Facebook
  • allow visitors to become “fans” of your Facebook fan or business page
  • post comments on your articles directly to Facebook
  • and use “social influence” to get your visitors to engage your content at a higher success rate

These tools help you answer the question: “How do I get more traffic from Facebook to my website? And, how do I get more fans of my Facebook fan or business page?”

Why Should I Use It?

The Facebook Social Plugins were designed to help encourage more engagement between the platform and websites across the Internet. If your target audience is on this social media network and you want your content to be shared to gain more awareness, credibility, traffic, and even sales then these are tools that you cannot ignore to have integrated into your website!

Here is just a brief description of some of the social plugins and their potential benefit for your website:

  • The “Like” button
    The most common tool we’ve all seen allowing website visitors to like your website, your articles, and your products and services. Once someone clicks the “Like” button, that web page is then automatically shared to their personal profile for all their friends to see, which could lead to more “likes” and definitely more traffic!
  • The “Recommend” button
    Operates exactly as the “like” button, only using the word “recommend,” which psychologically could encourage someone to follow the link since the shared content item is “recommended” to be read rather than just “liked” by a friend.
  • The “Send” button
    This button allows website visitors to send a link to any web page directly to one or more of their friends in a private message. This has benefits in that the “shared item” is now sent to a more targeted group of people with a more personalized message, thus converting to a follow-up action at a higher rate then a simple share to a person’s wall.
  • The “Comments” block
    With this tool, you can allow your website visitors to post comments to your web content using Facebook instead of other services like Disqus, Livefyre, CommentLuv, etc.  The benefit of this is that when someone posts a comment to your article, it automatically shares that web page to their personal profile. So, think of an article with 100 comments. That’s 100 personal networks who now see the article… automatically!
  • The “Activity Feed”
    This block shows website visitors what their friends (and others) are doing on the social media network with the content from your website in terms of shares, comments, and “likes.” This can influence them to read these articles and share them as well.
  • The “Recommendations” block
    This block shows a list of articles that are specifically recommended for reading to each website visitor by showing them your top content (if they’re not logged into their account) or by showing them the top engaged content by their friends (if they are logged into their account.) This can be a great way to get your best content read and shared!
  • And Facebook keeps adding more!
    To see what these are, go to:

With just a few of these tools you can start leveraging the power of the largest social network to gain more readers, fans, traffic, and potential customers! They’re free to use and relatively simple to install! Just follow our tutorial above and we’ll show you how to install them into your WordPress website!

Do You Have Any Questions?

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