How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

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How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier social media network for business professionals with over 150 million users in over 200 countries around the world. For years this has been the de facto standard place where these users could find, engage, and connect with one another in hopes of driving commercial opportunity or advancements in their careers.

But at the same time, LinkedIn had fallen behind most of the other large social media networks in its ability to provide a way to connect with, track, and engage companies and brands. With the new Company Page feature, businesses can now have their own “profile page” where they can post updates, list their products and services, and allow users to become a follower as a new way to engage their audience.

What Is It?

A LinkedIn Company Page provides a single location where members can go to learn about and track what is happening in your company.

Members can learn about:

  • what your company is about, in essence it’s “story”
  • information about your products and services
  • explore any career opportunities you have listed
  • view who is an employee of your company on LinkedIn
  • review any status updates posted to your company page

This new tool helps answer the question: How can I get more people to learn about my company on LinkedIn?

Why Should I Use It?

Like Facebook Fan and Business pages have benefited many brands who want to directly engage consumers, your LinkedIn Company Page provides a platform where B2B and B2C marketers can directly engage individuals who could become their partners, investors, employees, and even customers.

If used correctly, your company page could lead to an increase in prospective leads, more visitors to your website, and definitely an increase in the awareness of your products and services.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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